Airshow Line up 2021

Muscle Biplane Pitts S2S

Rich Goodwin is once again returning to our air show with a top display of Aerobatics in His Muscle Biplane Pitts S2S.

Rich is a Retired RAF Pilot who at one time was a Tornado Pilot

de Havilland Vampire

We are delighted to announce that, subject to operational availability, de Havilland Vampire T.11 WZ507/G-VTII will be displaying at LGAS21.
This is the very last example of the RAF’s Vampire T.11 two-seat training jet aircraft still flying, and is making a very welcome return to the Little Gransden Air and Car Show after far too many years away from the event!


Built 1940. basic trainer of a type used by the US Army Air Corps (USAAC) from 1936. Our particular plane (3349) was ordered by the French Air Force in 1939, however many were used by the Canadian’s In 1939, the French Air Force, expanding in anticipation of war ordered 230 As they had French instruments and differently arrange engine controls, the company gave it a new model number NA-64 but it was otherwise identical to the American basic trainer.
Only one in Europe and only a handful flying worldwide.
Crew: 2
Metal tubular frame with metal covering, rear fuselage and wings – all-metal stressed-skin with fabric-covered control surfaces
One Wright 420hp R-975-E3 Whirlwind radial engine
Max Speed: 166mph (276kph)
Ceiling 17,500ft
Range 730 miles


This aircraft made its first appearance at Little Gransden and will be returning again in 2021. Photo credit: Richard Paver


Lancaster PA474 (City of Lincoln) Only 2 Lancaster are flying in the world today, One with the RAF the other in Canada. A total of 7,377 were built. Nearby to Little Gransden is Gransden Lodge where in the early 40s 405 squadron of the RCAF flew Lancasters and they were part of the elite Pathfider Force.. 

The Lancaster Came Into RAF Service 80 years ago this year.
(Photo credits to Clare Hartley)


First UK airshow appearance for the UK’s latest warbird – the Yak-3 F-AZIM!

I am delighted to announce that the Little Gransden Air & Car Show has secured a first for all of the lucky visitors to our 2021 extravaganza!

The show will feature the first airshow appearance and display of Bob Davy’s latest Yak-3, F-AZIM, in its spectacular soviet colours as White ’27’. Powered by a Pratt & Witney Twin Wasp engine of 1,200hp, it will provide a graceful display of its capabilities.

The Yak-3 went into production in 1943, with a smaller, better-performing wing, which provided a superior performance than the slightly-earlier Yak-9. Most Yak-3 aircraft was originally powered by a VK-105PF2 engine which provided the Yak-3 with a superior performance overall Axis piston-powered fighter aircraft!

SIAI Marchetti F260

We are pleased to add the delightful SIAI Marchetti F260 to our air display! Built in 1966 this little Italian hot rod was designed for use as a military trainer or light ground attack aircraft but is equally at home as a very desirable tourer. Fully aerobatic, it is powered by a 260HP Lycoming which makes it a very quick aircraft in its class.

The sleek aerobatics give it jet like handling
Photo credit Keith Wilson

Mustang P51D G-CMDK Previous N167F

Powered by a Rolls Royce V-1650-7 (Hamilton Sundstrand 24050/)
Been seen on the Airshow Circuit previous years known as SHARKMOUTH, OLD CROW. This Aircraft was built in 1944
This Aircraft was Purchased by the current keeper on 1st July 2021

The Rolls-Royce Spitfire, PS853

The Rolls-Royce Spitfire, PS853, is an unarmed, high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, one of a batch of 79 Mk XIXs built at Supermarine, Southampton. The Mk XIX was powered by the 2,050 hp Griffon 65 or 66 and represents the pinnacle of the Spitfire’s development in terms of speed and altitude capability with a top speed of 446mph and a ceiling of 42,000ft.

This Aircraft was Brought by Rolls Royce in 1996

Hurricane 1 R4118

The only Hurricane from the Battle of Britain still airborne today, Hawker Hurricane Mk1 R4118 is widely regarded as the most historic British aircraft to survive in flying condition from the Second World War.

The Mark 1 Hurricane is credited with 49 Battle of Britain combat sorties and five kills.

It will be flown at Little Gransden on August 29th by its owner, James Brown.

The Global Stars aerobatic team

Team of British aerobatic champions past and present flying air shows World over. All aircraft carry the new “dotty smoke” systems adding to the dynamic nature of the air show. Not to be missed!!

Gipsy Pair

Auster and Chipmunk duo are making their first appearance at Little Gransden. We can’t wait to see them.

YAK 50

Mark Jefferies will fly the YAK 50. The USSR contender for the 1976 World aerobatic championships. This was the state of the art for competition during 1976 to 1985. Powered by a 360 hp 9 cylinder radial performance is spectacular.

P51 Mustang

P51 MUSTANG (Miss Helen) will be in our flying display once again) A welcome return.. Photo Credit Phil Whalley

Red arrows duo

How nice it would be to have the RAF Red Arrows but unfortunately, they are well out of our budget at £15,000 even if available. It was within 2 hours we had booked the Red arrows duo. A pair of 3rd scale Hawks.

Royal Chipmunk

An interesting Chipmunk to our Static Display, This is the Chipmunk HRH Prince Charles learnt to fly in! (Photo Credit Geoff Collins)

Boeing Stearman

Thanks to Vic Noman of AEROSUPERBATICS, We will have a display from one of their Boeing Stearman Aircraft with a Lady Wingwalker. This is the first Appearance at Little Gransden from Aerosuperbatics.

Little and Large

Chris Burkett flying the Extra 300s and Mike Williams controlling the Extra 40% radio controlled model, A 2 ship formation not to be missed!!

Pitts Special S2S

Rich Goodwin will be displaying his Pitts Special S2S, Known as the Muscle Biplane. Rich is a retired RAF Tornado Pilot and now flies as a commercial airline pilot.

Red Sparrows

This year is the 75th Anniversary of the Maiden Flight of the De Havilland Chipmunk, so we will commemorate that event with a Display from the RED SPARROWS Chipmunk Display team. Photo: Richard Paver photography

North American Aviation T-6 Harvard

T-6 is actually a military trainer like the British Tiger Moth, Miles Magister and higher-powered (and long forgotten) Master counterparts. One is that the only reason the Harvard was put in front of the Spitfire or Mustang on the training course was that the Harvard was cheaper to crash!

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