Seafire G-KASX

Navy-Wings Seafire will be flying at the show and Navy-Wings-Reliant will be on display as a static display.

RCAF CP 140 Aurora

RCAF CP 140 Aurora from 405 Vancouver squadron of the RCAF from Greenwood AIRFORCE BASE

On The Ground

Thanks to Matt Davenport we are expecting these at the Show

Harvard T6

Harvard T6 Wacky Wabbit from Duxford is flying at Little Gransden this year! Photo Credit …Harvard T6 limited

Support for Ukraine

Any aircraft showing the Red star will have the Ukraine markings over the star, just for your info!

Miles Gemini

Miles Gemini

A popular flying item from last year returns once again in the hands of the owner Stu Blanchard. Photo Credit: Phil Whalley

Muscle Biplane Pitts S2S

Rich Goodwin is once again returning to our air show with a top display of Aerobatics in His Muscle Biplane Pitts S2S. Rich is a Retired RAF Pilot who at one time was a Tornado Pilot